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Cryotherapy, Ice Bath, Cold Plunge


Cryotherapy is the rapid and controlled cooling of the tissue, and it dates back all the way to 2500 BCE when the Egyptians used cold to treat injuries and inflammation. The process triggers the bodies survival mechanisms (fight or flight), thus releasing feel-good endorphins, anti-inflammatory protein norepinephrine, and causes rapid circulation of blood flow.  Capillaries expand up to four times the normal amount enabling white blood cells to access and heal injuries faster.  The result is improved skin elasticity and texture, reduced inflammation and pain, and a nice boost of energy. Cryotherapy is especially beneficial in the treatment of arthritis.


Reduce Inflammation

Relieve Aches & Pains

Speed Up Muscle Repair

Eliminate Toxins & Lactic Acid

Boost Metabolism

Burn (500-800) Calories

Increase Energy

Improve Sleep

Improve Immune System

Boost Cognitive Function

Healthy Skin

Increase Collagen

Reduce Cellulite



Whole Body Cryotherapy $49
Spot Treatment $29
CryoFacial $29


Whole Body 5 For $199 or 10 for $299
Spot Treatment/Facial 5 for $99

All packages expire 1 year after the purchase date.

1 Month Unlimited Cryotherapy - $199 
*Members can upgrade for only $100

This package expires 30 days after the purchase date


How Often Should I Go?

We recommend to start out with at least 10 sessions done within the first 30 days.  This will allow your body to experience the full benefits of the treatment.  After 10 sessions we will discuss and recommend a maintenance plan that fits each individuals' personal needs.

How Long Does Each Session Last?

Each Whole Body session is only 2-5 minutes in duration. There are 3 levels of intensity that you may choose from and you may end the session at any time. 

Each spot treatment is approximately 10-15 minutes depending on which area(s) of the body we are treating.

Can I Workout Before or After My Session?

Yes!  Many clients who do cryotherapy before a workout experience an increase in energy and endurance.  Clients doing cryotherapy after a workout experience faster muscle recovery.  Let us know what your goals are and we will help guide you in the right direction.

What Do I Wear?

Just bring yourself!  We will provide gloves, socks and boots to protect your extremities (men should wear underwear) and we ask clients to remove or cover all jewelry before entering the chamber.  Please also refrain from applying lotion or body oils prior to the session. 

Who Should Avoid Cryotherapy?

Here are some contraindications for WBC: 

  • Pregnancy

  • Hypertension (BP> 180/100)

  • Heart Disease

  • Recent Stroke

  • Uncontrolled Seizures

  • Severe Raynaud's Disease
    ​*please consult with your doctor if any of these apply*

Those under 18 will need written consent and a parent/guardian present. 

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