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Float Therapy, Float Pod, Sensory Deprivation, Meditation







Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique means that by removing distractions and outside stimuli, the central nervous system’s workload is substantially reduced, allowing you to reach the deepest level of relaxation. The THETA state.

Floating is a natural and holistic approach to healing, with zero negative side effects.  You will be lying safely on your back, suspended effortlessly in 1000lbs of Epsom salt, soaking up the benefits of a high dose of magnesium.

Say you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, tired or irritable, sore, and achy, or having a hard time focusing.  These symptoms of life may mean it’s time for a float.  After 3 sessions your body will be accustomed to regular periods of R.E.S.T. and you’ll become more aligned with your true self.

Some Things To Know Before You Float

1. No caffeine several hours before your appointment (we want you relaxed and anxious free)

2. No shaving prior to your float (fresh cuts + salt water = no fun)

3. No fresh hair dye or tattoos (please wait 2 weeks)

4. No open sores/wounds

5. No drugs or alcohol allowed, please do not come intoxicated

*More FAQs down below*



What should I bring? 

Just bring yourself. We will provide you with all the essentials you will need such as towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and petroleum jelly. There is also a hairdryer in the restroom for your convenience. 
If you would like to bring your own hair supplies, you are more than welcome to. For your first visit, please arrive 10 minutes prior, to fill out paperwork (if needed) and to go over instructions and answer any questions you may have. 

What should I wear? 

Nothing at all. We recommend floating in your birthday suit that way there is nothing between you and the water. You will be inside your own private room with a shower during the session. You are more than welcome to bring your bathing suit. We want you to be comfortable and have a smooth experience. 

We adhere to the Washington State Department of Health to ensure water cleanliness. Due to the salt density within each pod, bacteria cannot grow or survive in those conditions. When not in use, the water cycles through a two-tier filtration system. When cycling, the water is treated with Ozone and UV light to kill/prevent any bacterial growth along with Hydrogen Peroxide to help break down organics during the filtration process. 

How do you clean the water? 

What if I'm claustrophobic?

This is a concern for many people, but many have said that floating relieves the worries of being in a tight space. Our pods are about the size of a Volkswagen beetle. You can leave the pod door open if you choose and float with your head near the entrance if needed. Remember, you are in control of the environment and can end the session at any time. 

How warm is the water? 

The water is constantly kept at body temperature: 96-97°F. Some may feel cold while floating, so you are welcome to put a towel on top of you. Keeping the lid open may also release some warmth that stays within the pod. 

I am pregnant, can I float? 

Floating during pregnancy has been considered as a beneficial thing to do in all stages of pregnancy. It can help relieve the stress, pain and any swelling your body may be experiencing. However, we also recommend consulting with your physician prior to floating, just to be safe.  

Can couples float together? 

Unfortunately, no. Our pods are meant for single occupancy only. However, we can schedule you for same time appointments in rooms next to each other. Floating is a reflective experience and many find it enjoyable to float separately and then share their experience afterwards. 

Yes children can float. Any child under the age of 13 will not be able to float unfortunately. We have found out children 13 or younger have a harder time staying still for a period of time.
-13 -16 years old may float with parent's permission and sign the waiver. Parents must also be present in the spa while the child floats. 
-16-18 year old may float with parents permission and sign waiver. 

Can children float? 


60 Minute Float $70
90 Minute Float $85
120 Minute Float $100


3 For $180
5 For $275

All packages expire 1 year after the purchase date.

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