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 Skincare with Amanda

Hi there! I'm Amanda, owner and operator of Whip Lash. Using my 9+ years of experience in esthetics, I make it my goal to help each guest coming in to feel their most beautiful self, inside and out. I do this by offering a variety of services. I am multi-certified in lash extensions, have been extensively trained in brow design and waxing as well as being certified and trained in a variety of skincare services. I'm excited to be bringing my services to +Energy Wellness Center and I can't wait to see you all there!

On The Go Facial (30 mins) - $55

Dermaplane Facial (60 mins) - $130

A quick facial designed to cleanse, exfoliate, masque and hydrate your skin when you don't have time for our Signature Facial or are looking for maintenance in between Signature Facials.

Signature Glo Facial

60 Mins - $85
75 Mins - $110


The Dermaplane facial rejuvenates the skin by removing the top-most layer of dead skin along with vellus hair (aka peach fuzz). Dermaplaning aids in minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, while leaving skin smooth supple and vibrant. Our dermaplane facial is performed by a trained and certified DermaplanePro technician and includes cleansing, exfoliation and removal of vellus hair, a mask and hydration and can be scheduled every 4 weeks.

This relaxing facial includes cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, facial and décolleté massage, extractions (if necessary) with steam, treatment masque, and hydration to oxygenate and balance the skin leaving it nourished and refreshed. Every treatment is fully customized to your individual needs and concerns.

Brining Sexy Back - Back Facial $65

Dermaplane Deluxe Facial - $200

Enjoy all the pampering in this 75 minute Dermaplane Deluxe Facial which includes everything in the 60 minute dermaplane, plus a mask, hydration and a chemical peel that is tailored to your skins needs. This can be scheduled every 4 weeks. 

This 30 minute back treatment begins with a deep pore cleansing and includes exfoliation with steam, a light shoulder, neck, and back massage followed by a treatment masque, topped off with a moisturizer to leave skin feeling clean and polished.

Express Dermaplane - $95

Short on time? Enjoy a 30 minute On the Go Dermaplane Facial that includes cleansing the skin, exfoliation (dermaplaning) and moisturizing the skin. Can be scheduled very 4 weeks. 

Floral Facial - $150

This amazing 60 minute Floral Facial features a Flower Enzyme Exfoliant that will gently smooth and revitalize the skin, your choice of Egyptian Rose or BetaCarotene Floral HydroJelly mask and a Shea Butter Hand Treatment.

Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial - $100

Indulge in our 60 minute Signature Glo Facial with the added benefit of a Diamond Microdermabrasion treatment. Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment designed to soften fine lines and acne scars. Your skin will be glowing for weeks!

Age Smart Chemical Peel - $150

Give your skin a revitalizing power boost and correct signs of aging with our Age Smart Peel options. Chemical exfoliation breaks down the cohesive material that holds dead skin cells together allowing skin to regenerate at a faster rate. Depending on the product used and strength, chemical exfoliation can greatly reduce hyperpigmentation, fine lines, superficial scar tissue, acne, and other problematic skin issues. We carry several varieties of peels including Jessner and TCA blends. You and your skin care specialist will decide which peel is ideal for your skin's unique needs and concerns. A consultation is recommended.

Retinol +C Boost Peel - $150

Give your skin glowing skin with a unique and versatile professional exfoliant which provides an effective way to achieve skin sloughing. This is peel is a blend of 5% Retinol and Vitamin C.

Hand or Foot Chemical Peel - $65

Relaxing Candles

Facial Enhancement Upgrades


Specialty Mask

Professional Exfoliating Treatment

Signature Eye Treatment

Signature Neck Treatment

Shea Butter Hand or Foot Treatment

Facial & Décolleté Cupping

Eyes & Lips Facial Cupping

Hand or Foot Chemical Peel









Face Waxing


Brow Design
Mens Brow Design
Eyebrow Tint
Brow Henna
Brow Design + Henna
Brow Lamination
Just the Middle (unibrow)
Lip Wax
Chin Wax
Sideburns Wax

Forehead Wax
Throat Wax
Nostril Wax
Full Face Wax
Ear Wax


Body Waxing


Nape of Neck
Underarms Wax
Hands and Fiingers Wax
Stomach Wax
Navel Wax
Feet and Toes Wax
Back Wax


Bikini Waxing


French Bikini
Itsy Bitsy Bikini
Brazilian - First Time
Brazilian - Maintenance*


*Monthly maintenance must be preformed within 4 to 6 weeks of the previous Brazilian service. If it goes past the 6 week mark it is considered a first time Brazilian. 


Bet You Can't Tell - Classic Lash Set
Application - $160
Relash (Fill) - $55

In The Limelight - Hybrid Lash Set
Application - $180
Relash (Fill) - $70

Vamp It Up Girl - Volume Lash Set
Application - $200
Relash (Fill) - $75

Lash Lift - $60
Lash Tint - $25

Eyelash Extension Removal - $50
Pop of Color Add-In - $10

Bridal Beauty Package

This package includes 12 weeks of lash pampering to ensure you look alluring best for all the events leading up to your special day.
Details: one full set of Vamp It Up Girl lashes, a 3 week relash, another 3 week relash, and a relash the week of your wedding. The ultimate in bridal beauty!



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